9 Ways to Earn Cash Back From Shopping

When it comes to anxiety, it’s so easy to get sucked into the couch!
Shopping is my thing, my escape.
….but it’s an expensive thing.

So, I coupon, clearance shop and earn cash back!
Cash back is my favorite because it’s not time-consuming!
Get paid for the things you already do!

Here are 9 ways you can earn cash back from shopping!

9 Super painless ways to earn cash back, more simple than using coupons!


Online shopping… it gets the best of me.
It’s somewhat relieving.
Everything you could ever want in one spot… how simple, right?
What’s even more simple, is Ebates.
All you do is shop and get cash back!
It used to be you had to go to Ebates.com and then click the store you want to shop at but now… it’s better than ever.

Ebates has created a “Cash back button” sorta like the Pinterest save button.
I’m unsure what it looks like how mobile or on any other browser other than Chrome… but it literally alerts me when I’m shopping online when there is a cash back deal!
It pops up like so, you can also see the Ebates button light up as well.

You can either click to activate button or click the Ebates button which looks like this…

And it will load Ebates deals and take you back to the website and you shop and they credit your account.
Then, they send a check in the mail!

Simple, right?
SIGN UP HERE (You’ll get 10$ after you make your first purchase if you click this link!)
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back



You buy food right?
I mean who doesn’t buy food?
Not only is it for food, but it’s for beauty and wellness products, pharmacy, clothing, restaurants, alcohol,  and so much more!
You download the app…
Submit Receipts, link your loyalty cards (which come off automatically!), or make in app purchases!
And get cash back!  😎

It’s not just named brands either…

Yes! That says ANY ITEM!

They participate with OVER 300 STORES!
In fact, not only have they added Aldi (amazing) but check out the “any” stores…

Awesome right?

Shop on Jet? Boxed? Ibotta works for there too! 🙂
The list is so long… I’d be here all day.
Check it out yourself!

You can receive cash through Paypal or Venmo or gift cards from lots of participating retailers! (there is a 20$ minimum)
Ibotta is for me, it’s for you, it’s for EVERYONE.

Click here for your FREE 10$ sign on bonus! 

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 has the same concept.. you activate the rebates, submit receipts and earn cash!
A few things to know…
Each receipt can only be submitted once!
Offers go live on Thursdays and they expire the following Wednesday.
Some offers can be claimed multiple times, you can check on each offer.
Offers are available in limited quantities… so check the offer list before you go shopping and then submit the receipt immediately!

There is a 20$ minimum and they send a check!

Click here to sign up!


Again… similar to Checkout 51 and Ibotta.
Save the items you want to purchase.
Purchase those items at any retailer.
Snap the receipt and earn cash!

The nice thing about MobiSave is there is no minimum for your cash, they send it right to your Paypal account!

Get MobiSave!   My referral code is NQQYABMD (which only means I get credit for referring you to earn!)

Receipt Hog

Take the receipts you get from shopping and turn it into cash!
Scan all your receipts and earn coins, spins, and/or entries into their monthly sweepstakes!
You can take paid surveys when offered and win shopping trips!

Your coins then get turned into cash!

Remember to snap your receipts every week for a bonus!
The receipts can’t be older than a week!

Get receipt hog!


The same concept as receipt hog!
You’ll earn points towards rewards like gift cards!
There is weekly bonuses to earn cash prizes!@
You can submit e-receipts as well as paper receipts!

As of right now you will be on a waiting list (April, 2017).

Download the app here and join so when they accept new people, you’ll be one of them!



A lot like Ibotta, Checkout 51 and MobiSave, you add the rebates you want to claim and submit receipts.
Just like Ibotta, you can link store cards as well!
Over 60,000 stores participate.

Keep in mind… if your account is inactive for a year.. they will deduct $1.99 a month!
You can cash out when you have reached $5 with your bank account, PayPal, Upromise  and select gift cards.

Click here to sign up! 


You must be 21 to use this app because it’s for cash back on purchases of alcohol!  😛
Finally, my prayers have been answered!  😉

It’s simple, just like Ibotta and the others, you activate the offer and then get cash back for submitting your receipts.
Remember, the receipt must be itemized to get credit for the specific kind of alcohol.

Deposits your money directly into your Paypal account within 48 hours!

Go here to sign up, you’re welcome!

Savings Catcher

It’s exactly what it says, it catches savings.
This is exclusively through Walmart.

You scan your Walmart receipt that is less than 7 days old, they compare prices with the circulars in your area and if there is a price that is lower, they credit you the difference.
They credit you through a Walmart eGift card or a Bluebird card.

Click here to sign up!



Out of all of them, Ebates and Ibotta are my favorite.
Ebates because I love online shopping and it’s so simple to just click, bam, boom I’m in!  😎
Ibotta because of the variety of rebates and store selection!

Sign up here for Ebates to get $10! (after your first purchase)

Sign up for Ibotta here to get a $10 sign up bonus!

Enjoy and take advantage of all the ways you can earn cash back shopping!


Until again,

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Kirsten is a wife and a mother. She has 2 babies, one human and one fur. She loves to help people overcome anxiety because she has suffered with it for years.

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