Your biggest mistake when shopping for fruits and vegetables

I NEVER even thought of this.. thanks for sharing!

Your biggest mistake when shopping for fruits and vegetables

So when I walk into my local grocery store, I notice they have apples in easy-to-grab bags.

Might I add that I LOVE shopping for fruits and vegetables.

Walking through this section makes me SO happy, I don’t know why, it just excites me… anywho.

Throw 4 bags in my cart.. (juice kick)

Continue through the produce and notice they have broccoli, carrots, oranges, green beans… practically everything I would put in a bag already in a bag.

Simple, right?

Note: I spent 75$ on fruits and vegetables so I was brainstorming how I could save and boom, it hit me.

Those bags are pretty sturdy.. super nice bags 😉

A little cardboard on the bottom so it doesn’t plop over.

I wonder how much this bag weighs..

I thought about it the WHOLE way home.

So I went home and weighed her.. (her as in the bag, habit..)

This bag weighed 7 ounces!

Let’s do some quick math…

1.99 a pound for apples…

Roughly 12 cents an ounce.

If I multiply 12 cents by the 7 ounces of bag…

87 cents.

So instead of getting 87 cents worth of apples, I got.. a bag.

This is a trick MANY grocery stores use because it’s super convenient to just grab a bag and put it in your cart.

You will save SO much money if you bag them yourselves.

Remember what I said about convenience? (Hmmm, are you catching on?)



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