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The Key to Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day

“What do you want?” The inevitable question from my husband now that Mother’s day is approaching. I was pregnant last year and even though my husband counted it as my first, this year is technically my first. …and let me tell you, motherhood is not what I expected. I mean, I knew it’d be hard. […]


To the mother who couldn’t breastfeed

To the mother who feels like she failed when it comes to breastfeeding.

When I first found out I was pregnant… I had every intention on breastfeeding. It’s cheaper… (free) Better for baby… Do I need to go on? Although my heart wasn’t set on it… (there’s a difference) I was still upset when it didn’t work out. It’s not that he wouldn’t latch on… or anything like […]



I know which one I'm choosing!

I received both the Summer Infant Superseat and the Bumbo for my baby shower. (extremely grateful) I put the Bumbo (blue of course but there is a slew of colors) on my registry because I never heard of the Superseat. (mine is blue/green…. this is the pink/purple one) My son was born 9 pounds 5 […]


What to pack for your scheduled C-section on a budget

What to pack for your scheduled c-section on a budget

Okay, so I had my scheduled c-section on September 14th. (click here if you want to read about it) I searched on Pinterest what to pack and pretty much everywhere I looked I got these items… For mommy: Pillow/blankets Insurance cards Nursing bras Nursing pads Nursing covers Comfy clothes Breast pump Pads Socks/Slippers Nipple Cream […]


What to expect for your scheduled C-Section

Please note: Every hospital is different and they may do things differently and I am not a medical professional. I am just simply stating my personal experience.    On September 14th, I had a very important appointment. An appointment so important, you’d think how could anyone possibly be late for it. I had an appointment […]