How we ELIMINATE our garbage bill

I never thought to cut out this bill!

I don’t pay a garbage man, at all.


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you’re thinking this ^^

And I absolutely do NOT dump off my garbage.

When my husband and I first got together and he told me he takes what garbage he does have to his moms…

My first thought… cheapo.

Then when we started living together and I saw what little garbage there was and how it wasn’t worth paying someone to haul our garbage away, it made sense.

Remember what I said about paying for convenience?

Paying for a garbage man is one of those things!

How simple is it for you to just throw everything into a garbage can, take it out when it’s full and pay someone to haul it away.

We refuse to do that so…

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We recycle.

The first thought when I’m done with something is if it is recyclable.

For example, when I’m talking with my hands and I get a little out of control and knock a glass over.

I don’t want to take a chance in it cutting anyone, especially my son, so it goes right in a bag and into the “glass” tub in our garage!

Most people wouldn’t even think to recycle it because it’s broken, but it’s still glass.

We usually have a bunch of tubs, typically a truckful, in our garage that is overflowing until we finally take them.

Laziness? Maybe.

But it still gets done.

Please call your local recycling place if you are unsure of what is okay and what’s not.

We burn.

I know not all of you can do this, depends on where you live.

Only paper products that can’t be recycled such as paper plates.. paper towels ect.

We have a compost pile.

Well, we have access to one.

We personally don’t but our neighbor does.

From fruit and vegetable trimmings to coffee grounds.

Tiffany from Naturemoms has good tips on what goes in and what doesn’t.

We have wildlife.

Although we try not to be wasteful…

Things happen, so…

If there is bread that has dried out, we give it to our chickens.

If there is a cake that got dried out, we take it up for the bear.

Bear loves cake.

Bear barely gets cake though 😉

We donate/sell.

We are more to sell, considering we sell as a business but…

There are times when things that are “junk” to me are not junk to others.

Considering there are DIY’ers just dying for that broken dresser to turn it into an entertainment center.

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Here’s the best test to see if something should be thrown away or donated.

Simply put it outside with a “FREE” sign on it and if it’s gone by morning, you can only hope it’ll be used.

If it’s still sitting there in a week, throw it away or attempt to donate it.


So whatever’s left gets thrown away.

And there isn’t much… mainly diapers.

So we then take the garbage to the transfer station which is like 12-15$ for a WHOLE TRUCKLOAD. (Majority of the time we just take it to my MIL for her garbage man to take = FREE since we barely have a bag a week)

The average family pays between 10-50$ a month! (120-600 A YEAR)

Mind boggling…



P.S. I’m terribly sorry if you’re a garbage man.

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