What to expect for your scheduled C-Section

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Please note: Every hospital is different and they may do things differently and I am not a medical professional. I am just simply stating my personal experience. 


On September 14th, I had a very important appointment.

An appointment so important, you’d think how could anyone possibly be late for it.

I had an appointment to give birth to my baby boy via cesarean section and I had to be there at 5:30 AM.

Before I went to bed, I almost laughed for setting an alarm.

I mean come on, I’m 9 months pregnant… I pee every hour and can never sleep.

My nerves were so bad, I didn’t even think it’d be possible to even fall asleep.

Well, I sure did fall asleep and did not wake up one time, not even when my alarm went off.

I woke up to my husband screaming “WE’RE LATE!”

I couldn’t believe it…

How could I be late?

It’s the most important/crucial day of my life…. the birth of my son.

It was 6:30 AM..

I didn’t even know what to do.. Do I call and reschedule? Just show up like I have no clue I’m late?

How embarrassing.

They told me to come in anyways, it happens more than you think… they said.

Happens more than I think? What??

By the time I got there it was already 7 AM.

They had me undress.. my IV started… shaved my lower belly… put the circulation socks on and then the worst..

The catheter. 

I was more scared of the spinal. The spinal was nothing compared to the catheter.

I never had one so the uncomfortable.. feeling like I had to pee but couldn’t feeling was unreal.

As all this prep is going on with multiple nurses, another nurse is asking me a million questions. (By the way, she asked if I was a smoker and I proudly said, “No, I quit.” Best. Feeling. Ever. Read how I quit here!)

The anesthesiologist then comes in and asks a few questions and makes sure I don’t have any.

They then had me walk.. to the procedure room… even more uncomfortable with a tube hanging out of my… area.

The nurse told me as soon as the spinal was in, I shouldn’t feel the catheter and she was right!

I literally leaned over and hugged a nurse as the anesthesiologist inserted/injected (blah, whatever they do) the spinal and laid down and boom…

Everything belly down went numb, I couldn’t move my legs… kind of strange, but not too bad. (the nurse said this was the most complained about symptom, but didn’t bother me)

I all of a sudden felt nauseous and that’s all I was thinking about…

My hands were tied down to the sides so I didn’t try to touch anything (as if I thought I was going to play doctor and give him a hand) and a sheet was hung right below my boobs.

“Do you want to see me pull him out” says our doctor to my husband…


He told me he would ask me if I felt a pinch before he even started cutting..

Well apparently I didn’t feel it, ha.

Not even a few minutes after me going numb and a few tubes of Zofran to help with the nausea, he was out.

I couldn’t believe it.

Everything went so fast.

Might I add.. the procedure room was extremely bright and cold.

I imagined it to be like the movies, extremely dark and only bright where they were working.. kind of like so..

Scheduled C-Section? Read this!

Image: Pixabay

But it was more like…

Image: Pixabay

…with only a boatload more people.

They carried him to the “clean-up” station and weighed, measured and well ya know, cleaned him up.

I was finally introduced to the most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on.

He didn’t cry when he came out though as I thought he would, he was pretty calm and casual.

So if you have a scheduled section and are completely freaking out like I was prior to mine, you will be okay.

The process of giving birth via cesarean is a cake walk compared to those who have to labor vaginally.

The healing process, on the other hand, is a different story..

Good luck!

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