To the mother who couldn’t breastfeed

To the mother who feels like she failed when it comes to breastfeeding.

When I first found out I was pregnant… I had every intention on breastfeeding.
It’s cheaper… (free)
Better for baby…
Do I need to go on?
Although my heart wasn’t set on it… (there’s a difference) I was still upset when it didn’t work out.
It’s not that he wouldn’t latch on… or anything like that.
Soon after I got the breast pump, therapy gel packs, and a lifetime supply of nursing pads…
I ended up with mastitis.   😳
Which was painful.

I don’t know about you but breastfeeding in general was painful for me.
I ended up switching to pumping, exclusively.
So when I switched to formula, I was relieved.
No more around the clock pumping and more sleeping when my son was sleeping.

I could’ve continued on the antibiotic but it was just too painful.

To the mother who feels like she failed when it comes to breastfeeding.

To the mother who couldn’t breastfeed

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I’m here to tell you

It’s not your fault.
Things like this happen as to why formula was created…

You are not alone.
Before formula was created, there were wet nurses.

You tried.
That’s so much more than what people who just opt for formula off the boat can say…  🙄

You are not a bad mother.
Baby is fed and that’s all that matters.

Despite the guilt

There are benefits of feeding formula to your baby.

  • Formula isn’t digested as easily as breast milk so your baby won’t need to eat as often.
  • You can eat/drink what you want (including alcohol). Breastfeeding moms sometimes have to avoid certain foods if the baby becomes irritable.
  • It’s convenient. No nursing covers, no pumping, and no engorgement.
  • Anyone can feed your baby and bond at feeding times. (especially at nighttime 😉 )

The point

I am not writing this post to deter you from breastfeeding.
Breast is best.
That doesn’t mean that it works out for everyone.
You are not lazy or selfish if you decide to switch to formula.
Formula is the next best thing.

All that matters is baby is fed, cared for and loved! 

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Kirsten is a wife and a mother. She has 2 babies, one human and one fur. She loves to help people overcome anxiety because she has suffered with it for years.

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