The perfect tattoos for those with anxiety

The perfect tattoos for those with anxiety

I'm deff getting one of them!

“Be here now”

“You are not your mind”

Not a picture of an actual tattoo but thought it’d be a nice quote piece!  💡


The Serotonin molecule

Serotonin plays a huge role in mood, anxiety and happiness… I’m really considering getting this done!  😎 

“Mind over matter”

“Inhale, Exhale”

“This too shall pass”


“Just breathe”


“Everything you fear is in your head”


“Think Positive”

“Hang in there”

Although this isn’t a picture of a tattoo… I thought it was a great idea for one.  💡

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Kirsten is a wife and a mother. She has 2 babies, one human and one fur. She loves to help people overcome anxiety because she has suffered with it for years.

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