The secret to saving money no one tells you about

The secret to saving money noone tells you about

When I first joined Pinterest, my first search was “money saving tips” in desperate need to save money.

I found tips like…

  • No spend weekends… (whaaaaaaat? That’s no fun.)
  • Save all your 5 dollar bills… only for forever.
  • Put so much money back per day… for a year.
  • No plastic cups/plates/bowls/towels… just no plastic nothing.. throwaways that is
  • Stop buying soda.. juice.. just drink water okay?
  • Grow your own food.. which is something I really want to consider this spring!

To be pretty direct, I found a list of 500 frugal money saving tips…

We’d be here all day…

We don’t have time and time is money, my friend. 

So, what if I told you there is one simple thing to remember every time money goes out of your wallet/checking account/wherever it comes from.. (your ass… ect 😉 )

It’s so straightforward, I can’t break it down anymore.

The secret to saving money is…

Stop paying for convenience.

There, I said it.

Convenience like ordering pizza from my phone with a smiley face?

Well, that too.

Just take a look around wherever you are.

I see my Keurig sitting on the counter… now, why do I have a Keurig? (I love my Keurig 🙂 )

Well because I whined to my husband that I REALLLLLYYYY needed one because I waste so much coffee (one cup kind of gal’) and look how cool it is to just pop it in and BOOM, coffee. Ouuuu and look they make hot chocolate (I LOVEEE hot chocolate) and cappuccino.. you loveeeeeeee cappuccino! Can we get one honey, please please please.

That is why I have a Keurig.

Let’s break this down…

The Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa K-Cups are 11.57 for a 16 count… which is about 72 cents a cup. (at my Walmart)

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa makes a super value pack of 30 for $4.19… (so I continued to browse the Wal-mart app for the sake of this post.)

Which is roughly 14 cents a cup.. can someone tell me why I’m paying 5 times as much to make hot chocolate through my overpriced coffee machine?

Like I said a little up… pop it in and BOOM… done.

How convenient?

Garbage man? Convenience.

Paying someone to clean out your car? Convenience.

Paying someone to paint your nails? Convenience.

There are some things that are worth paying someone for, though.

Remember, time is money.

How lovely is it that you make your own shampoo/conditioner/toothpaste/bar soap/laundry detergent/ toilet paper… (no to the toilet paper.. that was a joke… please don’t google how to make your own toilet paper 😉 okay so I did out of curiosity and it had a video of someone cutting newspaper… I left it at that.)

Me, I just don’t have the time.

I pay the extra money… well probably not MUCH extra seeing as though I coupon and get all those goodies for next to nothing… to just go to a store and put it in my cart.

(I have enough shampoo/conditioner to last 2 lifetimes! & enough diapers for another baby 😉 )

Time is valuable.

Obviously, if you have a multi-million dollar company… you can afford someone to clean your car/house/life.

But if you’re like me, do it yourself.

I’m just saying simply… stop paying for convenience that is not time-consuming.

Like this post, I made on shopping for fruits and vegetables… perfect example.

To add to that post… I have noticed a lot of stores have fruits and veggie trays for a RIDICULOUS price all so you don’t have to cut it up yourself. (Get.It.Together.)

Pick and choose your own battles, just think about what’s worth spending money on and what’s not.

That is how you save money.

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Kirsten is a wife and a mother. She has 2 babies, one human and one fur. She loves to help people overcome anxiety because she has suffered with it for years.

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    • Tracy K in Illinois
    • February 8, 2017

    I found you today via Pinterest and oh how you make me giggle. You sound just like me!! I also have a Keurig (free as a gift from hubby’s work Christmas party!). And I almost bought the cocoa pods too but then thought why in the hell would I spend that kind of money for a pod when I can buy the cheap packets and just use the hot water function on the keurig. Same concept just running hot water onto the powder instead of through the powder that’s concentrated in a little plastic cup. Just as simple but we don’t always think these things through while standing in the aisle of the supermarket ????

    1. Reply

      I’m glad you found me! Everyone needs to giggle from time to time 🙂
      Yes, the pods are similar to a lot of things we do!
      I use the hot water feature too!
      I love my Keurig though, even if it is a bit pricey!
      Something about it just has me hooked!

      Kirsten 🙂

    • Ann
    • February 22, 2017

    Go to bed bath and beyond and buy the pods that you fill and clean and fill again and again. I reward myself by buying “New England Coffee”. Blueberry Cobbler when it’s on sale. I save a ton of money and I scoops a good heaping tablespoon into the reusable filter. Yummy because I’m a single 1 – 2 cup a day gal!

    1. Reply

      That’s a great idea! I never thought to do that! Thank you!

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