I know which one I'm choosing!

I know which one I'm ordering... thanks!

I received both the Summer Infant Superseat and the Bumbo for my baby shower. (extremely grateful)

I put the Bumbo (blue of course but there is a slew of colors) on my registry because I never heard of the Superseat. (mine is blue/green…. this is the pink/purple one)

My son was born 9 pounds 5 ounces and could hold his head up since day 1 so when he was about a month old I put him in the Bumbo (recommendation is 3 months…) and I could barely fit him in it. I mean I know snug is best but I had to have help getting him out…  😳

I then put together the Superseat… well, my husband did  😛

He was about 3 months old by this point.

I love that it’s easy to get him in and out compared to the Bumbo.

The insert is super soft… well firmly soft.

My son started teething at about 4 months old and loves chewing on the bunny!

He loves playing with the toys… which is something you don’t get with the Bumbo.

Although he’s 5 months now, I love that it will turn into a booster seat!

Added bonus… I don’t have to always have him on the floor! I strap him to a chair at our dining table!

To be honest, I don’t even know why I have a high chair… I feed him in this seat as well.

If you haven’t noticed…. I personally love the Superseat better!

It’s mind boggling that the Bumbo is more money… and does less.

You have to buy the tray for snacks on top of it being overpriced!

I read a few reviews that complained that the tray on the Superseat wasn’t smooth to take on/off… I don’t have a problem nor does the Bumbo even come with one…  😛

The only upside to buying the Bumbo is the selection of colors… which are even more money for a different color…  🙄

I highly recommend purchasing the Superseat or adding it to your registry… (again here’s the link for the pink/purple one)

There’s even a deluxe version…. check em’ out.


Which one do you use?


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