The Key to Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day

“What do you want?”
The inevitable question from my husband now that Mother’s day is approaching.
I was pregnant last year and even though my husband counted it as my first, this year is technically my first.

…and let me tell you, motherhood is not what I expected.
I mean, I knew it’d be hard. I knew it’d be messy…exhausting.
The works.

But what I didn’t know was how rewarding it is.
There is no better feeling.
There is no way of explaining it.

Whenever I run into people I don’t see often… “How does it feel to be a mother?”
I am always mind-boggled.
I mean, I know how it feels… like being a mother.
And there is no way of truly answering that.

When I wake up in the morning, there is no one I’d rather see.
There’s no one I’d rather have puke on me, pee on me, interrupt everything I do…
And more importantly, there’s no one I’d rather hug, cuddle with, or love.

Being a mother is indescribable.

If you've ever wondered what to do for Mother's day, this is it!

The Key to Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day

A friend I went to school with posted on facebook last year that she had the best mother’s day ever. She mentioned that they didn’t have much money and that it didn’t matter.
Her mother’s day consisted of her husband catching up on laundry, cleaning the house, and letting her do what she wanted for the day.

I mean don’t get me wrong… flowers, chocolate, and jewelry are all a nice gesture… but appreciation goes a long way.
You know what she wanted to do all day? Spend time with her kids.
Because that’s what mother’s day is about, being honored by your kids.

Fun Fact: The first mother’s day was May 9th, 1914.

So, what’s the key?

The key is we want you to be appreciative.
We work our asses off to be selfless to our children.
To being a human tissue to eating cold food… we do it all.

We as women are not that complicated either…
In fact, we are pretty obvious in what we want.
Actually, we’ve probably said it a million times…
We want a day about us.
Only us.
That day is Mother’s day.

So for one day, do the little things.
Do the things we don’t care to do.
The things you hear us complain about everyday.

The good stuff doesn’t cost money.

No money? No problem.
There is so much you can do for free.
Again, the little things matter most.

Wake up early, let her sleep in and get the kids day started, change diapers, make breakfast.
All free.

Here’s a bunch of things you can do for free

  • Massage 😉
  • Make a coupon book, and honor it
  • Write down all the things you love about her
  • Create a bubble bath oasis
  • Bake her brownies, a cake, muffins….
  • Wash her car
  • Do her housework
  • Cook breakfast, lunch and/or dinner
  • Make her a card
  • Pick flowers (your own of course 😉 )
  • Craft from the kids


The key to creating the perfect mother’s day is to be appreciative.
Be genuine about it. Don’t just do it because you’ll hear about it if you don’t.
Do it because you truly think she is a great mother and that she deserves it.
Let her know that the day is about her, the one day a year mother’s are recognized for their awesome work.
I’m not saying not to buy her a gift, I’m saying don’t use money as an excuse to not do anything for her.

The best gifts you can’t buy.

Until again,

P.S. If you’re a dad who is a mom too, you’re awesome!!

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Kirsten is a wife and a mother. She has 2 babies, one human and one fur. She loves to help people overcome anxiety because she has suffered with it for years.

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